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Klerks Hyplast inc


Welcome to Klerks Hyplast Inc.

Our Product Extruded by Hyplast NV

Klerks Hyplast Inc. (KHI) is a 100% sibling company of RKW Hyplast NV in Belgium and functions as a service company for the parent company. As such, KHI can thrive on the vast experience and technical knowledge of Hyplast NV as a leading global supplier of technologically advanced high quality plastic films for the horticultural and agricultural markets.

To supply you, our valued customer, we rely on state-of-the-art equipment in our Belgium based manufacturing facility for the production of monolayer film, as well as co-extruded films from 3 to 7 layers. The production capacity is about 45000 metric ton (+/- 100.000.000 lbs) annually.

Through extensive research, development, and many years of industry leading technological and field experience KHI has managed to build a solid reputation as a supplier of the highest quality horticultural films. These films induce a more favorable climate for plant growth and significantly improve the overall crop quality.

On the agricultural side of the business the high nutritional value of silage and fodder can only be experienced by having the benefit of using a high quality means of
conservation and storage. KHI offers a full range of high quality co-extruded films for
this application (silage sheeting/silage bags).

The North American KHI facility is located in Chester, S.C. where we market, sell, convert, and distribute products to the North America, Canada, and Mexico. The Chester, SC facility has an inventory of finished goods and bulk master roll inventory, which in itself, allows us to supply our customers with a fast response and quick turn around times for many of the items we carry within our extensive product offering range.

We kindly invite you to explore our extensive product range and focus on the high quality special film features we offer.

We look forward to earning your business by fulfilling your needs in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. We are confident that we will be able to establish a long term partnership with your company to our mutual benefit.

Kind Regards,

The KHI team